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18 March.


As Motorcycle Sports photographers, we wanted a place to archive the photos that we shoot,also thought we could share a few photography tips with amateur photographers out there, in a shared effort to improve my own skills and help you improve yours.
All images are copyrighted,no reproduction of any sort is permitted without our written permission.

We use Canon 3 x 35 mm EOS Cameras,35-80,70-300 and 400 mm Lenses,Yashica Mat 120 Format,Digital Kodak DC 3200.
Fuji film and processing is courtesy of Richard Peters Imaging,Kilbirnie and Southern Photos Newtown.Wellington,New Zealand.

Beginning Photography Tips
Exposure is the amount of light reaching the film.Various combinations of aperture and shutter speeds give the same exposure;
1/125 and f 16 = 1/250 and f 11,1/500 and f8 =1/1000 and f5.6.
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Daryl New

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